Cutting Edge Ultrasound Solutions: Prospect T1

Prospect T1 by S-Sharp Corporation is a small animal ultrasound imaging system with a spatial resolution up to 30 μm. It provides researchers real-time and non-invasive image acquisition capabilities for in vivo and longitudinal studies on animal models.


More imaging features:

·Real-time color Doppler imaging and triplex imaging in update mode (B/PW/Color)

·Molecular imaging for perfusion and targeting information

·Comprehensive measurement tools for image analysis with 2-D and 3-D image data

·Connectivity to external devices, such as a laser, a HIFU transducer, or a source for generating radiation force, allows extened capabilities including sonoporation and elasticity imaging

·Adjustable imaging parameters (center frequency, cycle, PRF, TGC, …etc) for each probe to optimize image quality in different applications

·Full line of image adjustments for live viewing and retrospective review

·Virtual Array (Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique) for improved image resolution and depth of field

·Save static or dynamic data in multiple data formats including raw, jpg, tif, bmp, DICOM, cineloop (up to 1000 frames) and avi

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  • inviscan SAS is Distributor of Prospect High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging Systems for Western Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland)