CASE: NHP CT lung imaging

  • Courtesy of: University of Tours, Preclinical imaging department - PST ASB

Research objective: Investigation of lung inflammation in NHP

Animal model: Female Macaca fascicularis, 4.5 kg

Acquisition protocol: 80kV, 98s per bed, 2 bed positions

Processing and reconstruction protocol: 0.12 mm isotropic voxel size, iterative reconstruction algortihm

CASE: CT imaging of ex-vivo seal skull

  • Courtesy of: PA Libourel, CRNL, Lyon, France. Collection of National Museum of Natural History

Research objective: Investigation of ex-vivo seal skull sample

Sample: Seal skull, ~ 26 cm in length

Acquisition protocol: 80kV, 112s per bed, 4 bed positions

Processing and reconstruction protocol: Reconstruction matrix: 1836x1836x2376, FOV: 201mmx201mmx261mm, 0.11 mm isotropic voxel size