HALO 3.0 and HALO 2.5 MRI PET Insert


Key features:

·SiPM based detector for fully MRI-compatibility enabling simultaneous PET/MRI imaging (tested on 9.4T MRI)

·Large bore size of 75 mm (HALO 3.0) or 65 mm (HALO 2.5), ideal for rodent imaging

·Ultracompact design with outer-diamter of 114 mm (HALO 3.0) or 97 mm (HALO 2.5)

·Large axial FOV of 80 mm for whole-mouse imaging (alternative mini system with 40 mm axial FOV for a low-budget device)

·High sensitivity: >5%

·Spatial resolution: <1.1 mm

·Excellent energy resolution: ~14%


PET-MRI simultaneous images of mice with HALO 3.0 inserted in 9.4T MRI.