About Inviscan

Inviscan Imaging Systems is a high technology company located in France. inviscan manufactures preclinical imaging systems used in Medical Research. The products of inviscan include PET and CT systems for imaging small animal models. inviscan is also providing novel PET/MRI technology and developing innovative digital PET detection modules based on new photodetector components. inviscan is partner in international projects with academic partners to develop MRI compatible PET imaging instrumentation for research on the human brain and neurodegenerative diseases.

Inviscan has research offices and laboratory area located in Strasbourg, France.


Our products/services:

· Research imaging tools and services for in-vivo and ex-vivo studies

· microPET scanners

· microCT scanners

· PET/CT scanners

· PET/MRI insert solutions

· Multi-modality imaging solutions for preclinical research in oncology, neurology, cardiac studies

· Analysis softwares for preclinical studies