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Photo-Acoustic Enhanced Ultrasound: Nexus 128

The Nexus 128 by Endra Inc is the only commercially available fully 3D photoacoustic imaging system. Fully 3D imaging provides increased sensitivity, isotropic resolution, improved image quality, faster scan times, and higher throughput. Tomographic images of optical absorption are generated using endogenous and/or exogenous contrast.

Key features and applications:

True 3D imaging
4D scanning (volume + time)
3 second dynamic mode
Isotropic image volumes
Ability to image broad range of fluorescent molecular probes
Multispectral imaging
Molecular probe uptake and distribution
Image endogenous and/or exogenous probes

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inviscan SAS is Distributor of Nexus 128 for Western Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland)